Workshop 2020-21

(Need Data)Lectures are divided in three academic fields below. As part of this series, the most prestigious Life Science speakers have been invited to speak during Mendel Lectures, which are held in the Mendel Museum´s Augustinian Abbey Refectory at Mendel Square.

1. Workshops :

(a) Ideation and design thinking workshops: COEI team conducted several ideation workshops for all PTVA sister concern colleges. 3 ideation workshops were also conducted for PTV ICSC school and PTV English medium school children. The format of the workshop was as follows : the concept of entrepreneurship was briefly discussed; students were given a set of problem statements and were given basic training of stake holder analysis and analysis of the problem itself. They were encouraged to come up with as many feasible solutions as possible and present them to their peers, some key cases were discussed for better clarity. COEI team conducted all these workshops separately for each organization.

(i) 102students from M.L. Dahanukar college attended the workshop.

(ii) 75 students from Mulund College of Commerce attended the workshop.

(iii) 123 students from Sathaye college attended the workshop.

(iv) 60 students from PTVA’s Institute of Management attended the workshop.

(v) 33 students of 10th standard of PTV ICSC school attended the workshop. The students were given a problem to solve, and they presented the solutions.

(vi) 94 students of 9th standard of PTV English medium school attended the workshop. The students were given a problem to solve, and they presented the solutions.

(b) Copyright for Academicians : a special workshop was conducted by COEI team spread over a duration of 2 days for academicians. This workshop was conducted by Sol. Darius Dalal; a senior Partner at Mumbai oldest law firm Jehangir Gullabbhai Billimoria and Daruwallah; specializing in IPR. The session covered meaning, importance and relevance of copyrights for academicians. Mr. Dalal also covered trained participants on how to apply for a copyright by oneself. 30 faculty persons from across Mumbai attended this workshop and it was a great success.

2. Unmet Needs and Problem Identification Symposium:

COEI conducted the UPSS on 23rd January 2021. 4 domain experts presented various problem of specific areas. Over 100 participants of Wings2Vision 2021 attended it. The aim of the symposium was to give participants a set of problem statements in various areas. There is also an open segment in which people with pre-determined problem statements and unmet needs can work on their desired solutions and business models. Area One: The first session was conducted by Dr. Sanjay Oak, an illustrious name in the medical community and currently appointed as the head of Covid Task Force in Maharashtra. The second session was taken by Mrs. Aditi Limaye Kamat who is a restauranter, she discussed the problems faced by hotel and food industry. Dr. Tanya Athavale spoke to participants about COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) which affects a large population and yet is fairly unknown. Following are the areas to be addressed. Area 4 was in special relation to rural areas. Ms. R. Mahabal addressed the audience regarding the same. She provided the context with special reference to problems faced by people in Waada area in Palghar district. One problem statement was from security and surveillance domain while the second was regarding water and natural resource management.