IPR Curating Cell

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Institute provides consultancy towards Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) so that incubatees can protect their ideas.

The institute also arranges various lectures with IPR professionals so as to sensitise the incubatees about the  importance of IPR and Copyrights. This is of paramount importance so that they are aware about their rights and responsibilities. 

Workshop by Sol. Dalal in September 20: A special workshop was conducted by COEI team spread over a duration of 2 days for academicians. This workshop was conducted by Sol. Darius Dalal; a senior Partner at Mumbai oldest law firm Jehangir Gullabbhai Billimoria and Daruwallah; specializing in IPR. The session covered meaning, importance and relevance of copyrights for academicians. Mr. Dalal also covered trained participants on how to apply for a copyright by oneself. 30 faculty persons from across Mumbai attended this workshop and it was a great success.



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