Faculty Development Program

(Need Data)Lectures are divided in three academic fields below. As part of this series, the most prestigious Life Science speakers have been invited to speak during Mendel Lectures, which are held in the Mendel Museum´s Augustinian Abbey Refectory at Mendel Square.

1. COEI organized an exhaustive five days Faculty Development Program titled Essentials of Entrepreneurship in association with Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) & Atal Incubation Centre – Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini from 2nd December 2019 to 6th December 2019. 31 faculty members from 19 colleges across Mumbai participated in it. Sessions on following topics were conducted : 

(i) Orientation to Entrepreneurship Education

(ii) Engagement of Stakeholders In The Campus 

(iii) Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

(iv) Forming of Entrepreneurship Cells

(v) Idea Generation

(vi) Finance – Back of the Envelope – Cash flow

(vii) Opportunity Evaluation

(viii) Business model 

(ix) Business Model Canvas

(x) Effectuation

(xi) Panel Discussion with Student entrepreneurs

(xii) Review and action plan

The sessions were facilitated by 5 experts Mr. Uday Wankawala : CEO of Atal Incubation Centre – Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini, Dr. Radha Iyer: Professor and the Area Chairperson for the General Management with K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research (SIMSR) and Head of Somaiya College’s E-cell, Dr. Hasina Sayed: Associate Professor at Jai Hind College and Head of Department of Commerce. She is also the head of Jai Hind college’s E-Cell, Dr. Prema Basargekar: Associate Professor with K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management studies and Research. She is also a researcher in the area of economics and entrepreneurship management & Dr. Rakhi Sharma: MentorStart up India /Convener Entrepreneurship Cell & Skill Hub(under RUSA)/HOD Management Studies-Jai Hind College. All the facilitators mentioned above are Stanford University certified Entrepreneurship Educators. The sessions were deeply appreciated by all participants. These trained participants were later engaged in mentoring and handholding for Wings2Vision 2020.

2. Workshops :
COEI team conducted several ideation workshops for all PTVA sister concern colleges. One ideation workshop was also conducted for PTV ICSC school children. The format of the workshop was as follows: the concept of entrepreneurship was briefly discussed; students were given a set of problem statements and were given basic training of stake holder analysis and analysis of the problem itself. They were encouraged to come up with as many feasible solutions as possible and present them to their peers, some key cases were discussed for better clarity. COEI team went to each college and conducted ideation workshop for those students. The ICSC school children however came to COEI, attended the session and also got to see the incubation centre, understand its functioning and interact with incubatees.

(i) 107 students from M.L.Dahanukar college attended the workshop.

(ii) 95 students from Mulund College of Commerce attended the workshop.

(iii) 119 students from Sathaye college attended the workshop.

(iv) 107 students from PTVA’s Institute of Management attended the workshop.

(v) 56 students of 10th standard of PTV ICSC school attended the workshop. The students were given a problem to solve and they presented the solutions 

(vi) COEI team also conducted a Virtual Ideation Workshop for IIC National Innovation Contest, the students from all sister concern who could not attend the previous workshops attended this one.